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Hello and welcome
This is my play area, "its a work in progress" -
ever evolving and ever changing at
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Three of my girls

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My Biography, Humm this will be a ride for sure.
 I was a normal kid growing up till i started reading Hotrod books then every thing went down hill, I started drawing then painting, then i started painting cars and trucks even bikes .
 Then i went into the Air Force and learned how to work on Jets (even did some nose art on some planes), after that I worked for NASA, ya airplanes one of my planes was the first "shuttle simulator".
 A few wifes later I was into full blown custom painting, any thing and every thing, long hours and hard drinking along with bike riding soon wore the ol body down followed by a heart attack.
 The ol Doctor said get a life, so for 18 years i sat behind a computer, made a decent living . The one thing i found out about the web was in painting mabie a few hundred people saw my work with the web the world saw my work.
 Well that was till i got hooked back up with some of the "older still painting painters" and now its between doing web work and painting.
What to do, what to do ?